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I was born, wailed, crawled around on all fours, and then drunk with discovery I stood up, so proud. I learned I was a man and as such had nothing to do with the animal kingdom. I was to behave reasonably, do this and that. I was given a lot of marvelous notions, each more wonderful than the last. I learned the immensity of the universe. My brain was stuffed with principles and beautiful sentences. At that point in time I would have simply been Xin, a child like any other...

But one day I dreamed. I woke up far away, somewhere else, in another past. I decided to change my destiny and even if I was supposed to become a mathematician, I eventually decided to create, because already as a child my heart was chasing the stars.

Of the hundreds of directions shown to me after graduating, only one captured my attention: a single goal... Build the impossible for a safer world. So, over the past 3 years, our real challenge to overcome for all RF Energy Harvesting technics was to optimize electricity conversion. The massive proliferation of wireless telecommunication systems since the past two decades brought a saturation of the electromagnetic fields with a constant growth of 15% every year in our environments. As a result, this situation reversed the base problem that makes today Harvesting RF Energy a game changer. The key was the Power Management System.

We are far beyond the conversion constraint and performance by controlling "RF-interferences", by harvesting different frequencies from near and far, by using Metamaterials combined with nanotechnologies. We dramatically have improved power conversion efficiency and reduced the size of our Energy Harvesting systems embedded in all K3OPS’ products.

Thanks to Nikola Tesla, my inspiring mentor, K3OPS’ products have reached by far their objectives in terms of converting and performance, offering an endless efficient source of green energy, reliable in an environmentally friendly approach.


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An electromagnetic field uses the photon as an elementary particle to transmit force. It combines:

- A magnetic field force resulting from the movement of loads µT.
- An electric field force created by the attraction of repulsion loads, measured in volts per meter - V/m.

With an energy determined according to the speed of light, the RF are by far the best medium to transmit any kind of information.

The multiplication of wireless communications systems in our environment ensures sufficient microwave leakages to harvest from the ambiant and enough energy to convert into DC electricity. Electromagnetic fields are everywhere and since they carry energy, they became the best candidate to deliver an endless source of renewable energy.

is the magnetic induction expressed in T refered to Nikola Tesla, "Father of Free Energy", which is at the origin of the electromagnetism.

Using meta-materials combined with nanotechnology has deeply increased the performance and miniaturization of rectennas embedded in K3OPS system. Our products operate autonomously, offering an endless supply of green energy in a respectful and environment-friendly approach.

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The Rectenna was invented in 1964 by William C. Brown, patented in 1969. It is a rectifying antenna used to convert microwave energy into DC. A simple Rectenna consists of a dipole antenna with an RF diode connected across the dipole elements. The diode rectifies the AC current induced in the antenna to produce DC power.

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