Unless you have been living under a rock in the most impenetrable depths of the Amazon rain forest you have heard a something about the current economic downturn. You may be familiar with the butterfly effect in chaos theory… A butterfly fluttering its wings in one place creates a tornado in another.

It is an overly simplified way of illustrating the idea that the minutest changes to an intricately connected system may result in larger scale occurrences in another part of the same system. Though the butterfly does not literally cause or prevent climate change its action contributes to a myriad other factors that when combined become more than the sum of their collective parts. Well the inescapable fact is that no nation’s economy is an island; instead all are linked in a complex web of codependency and bad trades in one place can lead to indigestion in markets across the globe. And this rule applies to other sectors as well. It is not just Wall Street and Main Street that are feeling the squeeze, not just retirement funds and housing prices taking a nosedive, there is a domino effect that touches everything and the tech industry is not immune.

The instability of the markets has caused a mild panic and wariness among the moneymen. These venture capital and angel investors are the lifeblood of the tech industry pumping hundreds of millions into ideas that they think have potential. They are the same gamblers who funded the last tech boom and who subsequently lost their shirts when those businesses failed, some notable exceptions slipped through and became legendary, names like Google, iliad, Tencent, Amazon, SPACE X … which to this day remain testaments to what is possible when a good idea marries good management. For years they would not even consider web investments but money has a short memory and gambling is an addiction.

Alexandre Despallieres

We Are Able

There is a legend, the 'American Dream' and even if it’s our dreams that pushed us, that motivated us and allowed us to overcome obstacles. We need to keep in mind that: ‘Who follow a dream’ is sleeping! It’s a transition period, just like the chrysalid. But for a project to go off the ground, you do need to wake up. At K3OPS they ate our dreams, we even dreamed of our dreams, but eventually we wake up and opened our eyes. Our mail box was filled with emails, partnerships proposals … Each of them more tempting than the other. They began to talk about K3OPS, I was offered to be one of the speakers at the San Francisco conference. Even if the flattery is always nice, we discovered that others started to copy us. To be copied is also a flattery, since it was the sign that we were right from the beginning. Almost 4 years of intense work, back to the beginning, no one would have imagine that we would definitely resolved RF energy harvesting.

We do have a different approach, while big companies look in the wrong direction and spent hundred of millions of dollars every year. We first look at the sky, and then we look down, in the quantic, because no matter what, the minus is always the stronger. It does bug me that people look at this market like printing money, because at K3OPS, all we see is an opportunity to help.

Yet I feel a deep sadness, my eyes are full of tears, not regular one, but tears of blood when learning about people from Africa risking their lives for minerals extraction. This must be stopped as quickly as possible. We all need to become more respectful from each other, more responsible with the environment and the health. Those are the convictions for which we fight, breaking down barriers to reach the next level, to give the same opportunity to everyone, everywhere. Because at K3OPS we are a team, from head to toes, a team in our hearts and souls. Our strength has been and will always be to be real human beings, to provide solution for a better world, in a more equitable society.


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