K3OPS - How it Works

The new-generation STICK’N Charge patch of K3OPS adopts SQUID radiofrequency energy harvesting technology, using electromagnetic radiation as energy to convert into DC to power supply all kind of electronic device whenever and wherever. The intelligent terminal of K3OPS is completely out of power cord and battery in order to solve the problem of product’s endurance and space layout perfectly.

The unique ID and the accession of node make the information exchange stable & effective, and lay the foundation for the holistic intelligent control. This leads to a multitude of choices from direct power, power supply on demand or to power on a scheduled basis for Home Automation.

Multilayer antennas network - both wide-band and multi-band operation – working in cooperative relay scavenging ranges between 0.2 to 5.8 GHz (covering radiation from all of domestic appliances) and the use of other standard & specific protocol allowing signal isolation optimized for direct digital-to-analog conversion. Constant analysis of the environment based on any ambient changes, ensure self-correction of the frequencies to harvest in the appropriate source without interfering with any other wireless communication systems nearby.

Breaking the electric field symmetric in dielectric materials by acceleration of electrons under the action of specific frequencies, that warps the materials generating an electromagnetic field as a powerful resonator. Since a resonator is also a transmitter they make very efficient and also extremely tiny antennas. Finaly, asymmetry correction with metamaterial for their electromagnetic properties, offer a signal isolation optimized for the asymmetry correction at the last stage of the harmonic in the ripples ensure a stable, efficient and a proper output DC.

Radiation is ubiquitous in our life and it will be more along with the growing wireless connected devices. We cannot control the emissions of radiation but to effective use, for this goal, our devices can change the electromagnetic radiation pollution into valuable.

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